RegulatoryGenie Partner Program

Be A Pioneer Of AI Regulatory Assistant Solutions

Are you a drug or device consultant?

Are you well-versed in regulatory information challenges?

We want to build and share our growth with experts like you.

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Why Partner?

Add advanced data mining assistant solutions to your offerings.

Enable clients to bring safe and effective products to market sooner and with less risk.

Turn Your Challenges

  • Working overtime to meet deadlines
  • Clients seek 2nd opinions or sign competitors
  • Working independently can be isolating


... Into Potential Opportunities

  • Standout from competitors via your faster hybrid human+artificial intelligence services
  • Nurture client loyalty by supplementing with objective 3rd-party AI assistant perspectives
  • Gain exclusive opportunities to collaborate with other experts on thought leadership

Retain clients by offering more value. Spend less time searching for new business.

Multiple Ways To Collaborate

We are open to various models of collaboration.

Marketing+Sales Partners

Closing-commissions for lead generation and sales

Customer Service Partners

Revenue-share for training and customer service

Teaming Partners

Subcontracting opportunities for hybrid services

and/or other collaborative models for growth.

Together, let's enable clients to bring safe and effective products to market sooner and with less risk.

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Explore opportunities to grow together.

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