How It Works

Get started with regulatory research for your project in just a few steps!


Select Research Criteria

Select your product category, intended use, and/or other research criteria. Unlike costly long-term consulting plans, engage RegulatoryGenieTM as and when you need domain-specific research.


Get Regulatory Research

Within 24 hours, have a RegulatoryGenieTM assistant email you a link to your research results (e.g.: relevant regulatory authority guidances, divisions, approved products, and more).


Strategize & Iterate

Have data-driven conversations with investors, regulatory advisors, or other stakeholders. Need research for a product iteration or new market? Iterate with RegulatoryGenieTM anytime.

Quotes From Regulatory Professionals

"Wow, RegulatoryGenieTM found useful information for my client that did not come up in FDA website searches! I'm going to share the results with my client, since they are very relevant to us."

"It's not humanly possible to read through the thousands of summaries and documents on the FDA website."

"Thank you, RegulatoryGenieTM, for making it possible for me to focus on strategy and analysis."